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UI/UX | Mobile | Branding

Conceptual Project


BRGR is a burger delivery app that allows the user to order fresh burgers, fries, shakes and snacks that are customized exactly how you want them and delivered to your door within 45 minutes!


To deliver a quick and easy to use experience that makes the simple act of ordering a burger fun and exciting!

BRGR shows what you want first, and asks questions (such as login info, drop off location, etc.) later.

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Turning on your location lets BRGR know where you are, so you can save time searching for your location.


Every burger is able to be fully customized, ensuring you're getting your burger exactly how you want it without any confusion. Price will change accordingly as you customize so you know just how much bacon is too much bacon (there's never too much bacon).


Tapping the Hambrgr icon brings up info such as your saved locations, payment info, order history, and your completed tasks.

Making an account means you don't have to put this in every time you use the app!


Tasks and Rewards is a fun way to get users more involved and creates a fresh spin on the simple act of ordering a burger.

Complete a Task such as The Whole Package which involves getting a complete order (burger, drink and side) for 3 orders. Save up your completed tasks in exchange for great rewards like a free meal or BRGR merch!

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