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Conceptual Project


Singing along to your favorite song is distracting and causes you to lose focus. Dwaal doubles as a way to boost productivity in the workplace as well as a way to de-stress after a long day.


Dwaal is a mobile app that allows for the listening of non-lyrical music such as lo-fi hiphop, classical or smooth jazz for deep focus and meditation from your device.

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The sign up process for Dwaal is integral to ensuring an experience catered to how you’re feeling.


Featured artists, genres, playlists and songs all based on how you created your current mood will appear under the music tab. Play your Daily Dwaal to get a mix of music catered to how your feeling.

i.e Inspiring, mood-boosting music for users that feel more moody or up-beat, fresh new tracks for users that are feeling happy.

.Pre-made Playlists for any feeling!

Pre-made playlists for any feeling!


Simple and easy to use interface with a unique progress bar that circles around the album image.


Natural and Artificial Sounds

In addition to music, sounds have also proven to be a reliable method of meditation and deep focus.

The sounds of rain splashing against the ground or waves subtly crashing against the sand can be extremely therapeutic and calming.

Artificial sounds like a fan in the background or white noise can eliminate loneliness and make you feel more secure.

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