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Conceptual Project


POD is a Podcast listening app that is completely personalized to the user's preferences, allowing for a deeper look at the content they like, and less of what they don't. POD offers a simple to use interface that encourages new and veteran podcast listeners to experience a better listening experience.                                                                                                           


There are currently too many platforms that offer different podcast listening experiences and different content. POD pools together all of the content from your favorite content creators and organizes them into one, universal app.

Recommended Podcasts based on what you listen to.

Previous searches listed while searching to quickly find what was once found.

Plenty of Genres to help you discover new podcasts!

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Share the Love

Users can suggest Podcasts to their friends, encouraging sharing their personal tastes with others to find a common interest.

No Data, No Problem

The status of your downloaded podcasts will be listed here and you'll be notified when it's ready to be listened to offline.

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This is where everything POD comes together. Everything from your downloads, the reviews you've left, and your listening history can be found here.

Boring Commutes be Gone

Create custom playlists to plan out your days accordingly. Allows from easy, hands-free listening all day long.


Driver Mode

As a large percentage of Podcast Listeners are commuters, POD makes it easier to control the app while on the road.

Going more than 5MPH puts POD into Driver Mode, only displaying minimal, basic controls to avoid extensive use of the app while on the road.

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